22 May 2008

I am Crazy Busy All of a Sudden and For No Good Reason

but I have time to share another gem my father left behind.


I have this large tattoo on my chest. It is like a dream I have when I am awake. I see it in the mirror as I shave and brush my teeth, or when I change my shirt or make love. What can I do? I can't remember where I got the tattoo. When in the past did I live such a life? And the price of having such a large tattoo removed must be completely beyond reason. Still, the workmanship of the drawing is excellent, a landscape 8x10 inches in full color, showing cattle going downhill into a small western town. A young man, who might have been my great-grandfather, dressed as a cowboy and holding a rifle, stands at the top of the hill and points down toward the town. The caption beneath the picture reads:
"Gosh, I didn't know we were this far west"

-Louis Jenkins

I don't know who this Louis Jenkins chap is, but my father seemingly went through a Jenkins phase; the man is well represented in the binder. I may have to do some digging, read up a bit on him. 'Cause, you know, I haven't anything to read.

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