22 May 2008

Beach Reads

Memorial Day weekend- going to the beach! (I have to admit to a sort of sick curiosity- How much is this going to cost me in gas? To that end, I filled my tank tonight for an accurate reading.) I am expecting that, as always, we will be sitting for some time in traffic. Lucky me, my husband can't stand to be in the car while I'm driving, time to break out a book!

What's a girl to read?

Quick Peek into my bag:

A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs: A memoir about Alec Baldwin. I mean, about Augustens's father. I can't wait for this one.

Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian, who also wrote The Double Bind, a book I read in one sitting because I couldn't bear to put it down. Yummy yummy.

Finally, finishing up Henry David Thoreau's Walden. Sadly, I will be toting an old paperback copy, as my time is up on the lovely 150th Anniversery edition; it goes back to the library tomorrow. This book is taking me forever because I have been mining for quotes; good God, every other paragraph contains something stunning. I am exhausted by his greatness.

There you have it- a book a day. Add sunshine, ocean waves, and the Great American Bake Sale: that's a recipe for a damn good time.

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